Custom MenuAll of our cakes are homemade from scratch and baked fresh for every order.  Our menu is designed to be very flexible, any combination of cake and filling are always available.  We use homemade Italian butter cream for our fillings and icing. This is not your typical super sweet icing.  Italian butter cream is very light, perfectly smooth and melts in your mouth.  Your guests will be going back for seconds when they taste this delicate and ever so fresh custom made cake.  We use only the finest ingredients in all of our baking and this is what is setting us apart from the rest. Our cakes definitely  “Taste as good as they look”.

  • Almond Raspberry Champagne
    Almond champagne cake with layers of fresh raspberry butter-cream
  • Biscotti
    Fragrant anise cake with layers of coffee butter-cream
  • Chocolate Raspberry
    Dark chocolate cake with layers of raspberry butter-cream
  • Banana Cake
    Banana cake with coconut butter-cream
  •  Coconut
    Coconut cake with layers of fresh coconut crème
  • Lemon
    Fresh lemon zest cake with layers of fresh lemon butter-cream
  • Colombian Black Cake
    Cake baked with nuts, red wine and dried fruit
  • Nutella
    Vanilla bean cake with layers of nutella butter-cream
  • Peanut Butter
    Peanut butter chocolate chip cake with layers of chocolate butter-cream
  • Red Velvet
    Southern red velvet cake with layers of cream cheese frosting
  • Raspberry Chocolate Cake
    Chocolate cake with raspberry jam
  • Strawberry
    Fresh vanilla cake with layers of strawberry jam and vanilla butter-cream
  • Chocolate Strawberry
    Fresh strawberry cake with layers chocolate butter cream


Guide to determine the number of guests our cakes will serve:

• 6″ serves 6 to 8

• 8″ serves 8 to 10

• 10″ serves 10 to 15

• 12″ round or 10″ square serves 15 to 25

• 14″ round or 12″ square serves 25 to 35

• 16″ round or 14″ square serves 35 to 45

• Half sheet serves 50

• 3/4 sheet serves 75

• Full sheet serves 100

Note: We deliver throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan

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